Teddy bears.

Teddy bears.

What can please, like a small teddy bear, which is delivered to you on a warm Friday evening? This is an unexpected gift that will entail a storm of positive emotions! The idea to open an online store arose just on the day when a soft bear reconciled one of the founders of the site and his fiancée.

Subsequently, this “simple” thing saved the future family and gave me and my partner a favorite thing. Now we are the team of the Tough Bears online store, we want to give the opportunity to dear customers from any corner of Ukraine – Kiev, Kharkov and more distant cities, to bring joy and comfort to their loved ones.

Soft bear for a gift – tips for choosing.

If you’ve visited the CoolBear website, the idea to buy a big teddy bear as a gift dawned on you too. Now a reasonable question arises – how not to make a mistake and choose the right bear cub that will delight the recipient: a child or a girlfriend. After all, there are many points that need to be thought out in advance: • size; • Colour; • material of the toy.

Don’t overlook the safety issues and the ability to wash your teddy bear. A properly selected soft toy will become a faithful friend for the child, and tell his girlfriend about sincere feelings. Therefore, it is so important not to be mistaken here.

Determine the size of the teddy bears.

To avoid unpleasant surprises after purchase, you should carefully read the rules for measuring bears. The size of a bear is not just about its length! When determining growth, volume is additionally taken into account.

To correctly measure the misha, you need to plant it at an angle of 90 degrees and measure the distance from the ears to the tail with a meter – then from the tail to the tip of the paws and fold the obtained measurements (see the picture below).

The CoolBear online store presents models of teddy bears ranging in length from 50 cm (Raphael, Potap) to 2-2.5 meters (Vetli, Nestor). That allows you to choose a bear depending on the height and age of the child. The weight of plush toys ranges from 0.5 kg (smallest size) to 6-8 kg (200 cm giants). Here the choice is yours: give a friend whom you can take everywhere with you or surprise the recipient with the huge size of a clubfoot to the envy of others.

It is worth paying attention to the parameters of the room where it will be stored – after all, not all apartments can accommodate a large toy.

Washing soft bears.

The colors of the bears are different – from calm pastel tones to bright models. The CoolBear online store offers an assortment of plush toys in the following shades: • Pink; • Grey; • Brown; • Caramel; • Chocolate; • Blue; • Peach; • White; • Cream and many others. Light colors are known to be more prone to dirt, so don’t worry about that, as you can wash soft bears in the machine in the “Hand wash” mode. After this procedure, you must additionally comb the Misha’s fur.

When choosing a color, you should focus only on a person’s personal preferences.

Manufacturing material and filler.

During sewing, holofiber stuffing is used, due to which the toy: • Holds its shape well even during prolonged use; • Durable, the bear cannot be torn; • Transferred multiple washings; • Environmentally friendly, does not cause irritation and allergies https://ru.life-hacks.fun/page-10-sposobov-predotvratit-zhestokoe-obrashchenie-s-det-mi. The teddy bears presented on the site are made in Ukraine. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, they do not have an unpleasant odor.

High quality and hypoallergenic materials are used for their sewing.

The surface of the bears is covered with short fur-grass 2-2.5 cm, which, unlike the long one (4 cm and more), does not fall out. This allows you to buy a teddy bear safely and inexpensively without worrying about the health of the recipient. All products have the necessary certificates.

Shipping and payment.

In the CoolBear online store, you can safely order your favorite teddy bear cheaply. We work with retail and wholesale – individual terms of cooperation are provided for such buyers. • Delivery is possible to Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, carried out by New mail in the period from 1 to 3 days, depending on the locality. • Pay upon receipt at the branch where you pick up the parcel. • Carefully check the goods, if there are questions about the quality of the bear, you will send it back and not lose anything. • If you have not decided on the choice or have any questions about the product, delivery, payment – managers will contact you at any time.

The soft toy is perfect as a gift for any occasion: • New Year; • The 14th of February; • March 8; • Birthday; • September 1 / graduation.

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